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Working Class? Transfer? Sorry.

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In 2009, approximately 40% of community college transfers to four-year universities in the state of California were made by students of ethnic minority.
When identifying the role of Community College in higher learning, it is typically used as a spring board for those who are under prepared for university straight out of high school, to launch into a four-year institution. This is usually due to financial hardship, uncertainty of future interests, or lack of college resources among others. These are all typically hardships faced by working-class, minority students in their aspirations to to seek a college education.
Since, many often work while going through school, Community College is the ideal option for getting credits out of the way for cheap, finding academic interests, and transferring into a four-year institution. Not allowing financial aid to transfers limits the demographic of those who have access to college even further, while also deducting from the culture of a self-proclaimed “diverse” student body.


A compendium of action

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We here at Claremont Solidarity have many revolutionary duties besides writing blog posts – organize, escalate, write senior theses – and these have lately taken precedence over reporting on the continuing struggle of the Pomona College dining hall workers. In brief then, here is what has happened over the past week or so:

Claremont Solidarity delivers Easter basket to Pres. Oxtoby

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On Easter Sunday, Claremont Solidarity extended its heartfelt Easter salutations to Pomona College President David Oxtoby, delivering an endearing basket of eggs, candy and flowers, along with a personal card, to his on campus house.